Dungeon Scrawler : The Finger Painting RPG Prototype

What happens if you use a picture copying mechanic as the conflict resolution in an otherwise regular seeming mobile RPG style game? You get a finger painting RPG game!

This is an investigation into how expansive the use of painting for conflict resolution in an RPG game can be. How can picture copying be kept interesting beyond the initial novelty...?

Let's find out together :)

Now, go kill a dragon with your finger!

(Best killed with a touch device)

Where do we go from here?

It has only been a few days of development so far, and most of that was getting the basic foundations in. Now that they are in I can experiment more with how to add variety to the drawing aspect. How do we keep it fresh and interesting for a longer play? I've got a book full of ideas... but I need victi... play testers.

Lots of love to Pipsissiwa for the hand drawn placeholder art <3

Install instructions

On Android you'll need to enable installing of unsigned apps to be able to install the APK - google the instruction for your version of Android (it can vary).

I've not tested the Windows build, so if you do can you let me know it works (or fails)? <3


DungeonScrawler.apk 21 MB
DungeonScrawlerWindows.zip 12 MB
DungeonScrawlerMac.zip 16 MB

Development log


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I liked the idea. It was pretty funny to play!


I can't test the Windows build, so if you run it and it's fine (or not) could you let me know?


Clever idea! It feels terribly rushed, though, so there's not a lot of skill involved in the drawings, just a frenetic attempt to get something done before the clock runs out...

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Thanks :)

You're totally right.  And it's something I hope to separate out in future playtests, to see where the fun in quick scrawling is vs a longer and more detail oriented approach is. Whether both focusses can be in one game,  I'm not sure. But I do need to find out where the most fun is - and if it's in both then I'll just make two games ;)

Inspired by your comment I've formalised this into my prototype plan: Have 2 dungeons in the prototype (selectable from titles), one using quick draws with a suitable scoring algorithm,  and one focussing on slower but more accurate draws and suitable scoring algorithm.

This way I can get players to try out both without needing two builds, they can just explore and decide.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to feedback. I really appreciate it :)